A one-of-a-kind environment

Welcome to your next frontier. 

BKBX features a first-of-its-kind spacealongside premier amenities and a curated experienceto ensure you achieve an optimized training class every time you visit. Expect real-time tracking technology, in-house experts, recovery amenities, controlled capacity, and class-based workouts that take place both on and off the ground.

the space

Keeping it focused.

To make our space work for you, we limit the number of people we let in at any one time. By closely managing capacity (i.e., every visit is booked via a reservation system to keep things controlled), we can foster a more focused, productive training center. With this curated experience, you will also have consistent access to all our in-house training experts every time you show up.

Take a look inside. 

Adventure Training Studio:

Featuring 50-minute group-based training classes. Multidimensional training takes place on and off the ground by incorporating multiple, dynamic structures within the space. Data tracking screens display real-time AQ updates.

Recovery Studio:

3D Digital Assessment. Cryotherapy. Infrared Sauna. Compression Sleeves. Recovery Devices. Muscle therapy devices. Treatment tables and chairs. Stretching Area, rollers, and more.

Climbing Areas: 

Bouldering Wall. Climbing Training Wall. Climbing Gear Rental.

Adventure Bar: 

Data Consultation. Adventure Travel arrangement. Education, Seminars. Tech pickup.


Showers + Lockers. Juice + Snack Bar. Retail Shop.