At BKBX, we train. We train for a reason. We train for the love of adventure, the desire for progress, and the goals that motivate us through every aspect of our lives.

As the brand new addition to the Brooklyn Boulders ecosystem, BKBX offers a scientific and purpose-oriented approach to adventure training. These methods have been strategically designed and tested to enhance performance for your adventurous pursuits.

To stay true to our goals, BKBX was built on four foundational pillars meant to guide and enhance your ability to Train, Connect, Recover, and Adventure.

Among other amenities, the BKBX adventure training center features classes, innovative fitness programming and technology, a state-of-the-art recovery center, an extensive bouldering wall, and climbing training features.


At BKBX, we are driven by something beyond weight, body type, or calories burned. We do not do fitness merely for fitness’ sake. Instead, we are purpose-driven. We believe the most productive path to optimized performance is not just about training—it’s about the reason behind why you train. It’s about a goal. A new discipline. An adventure. The reason, whatever it may be, is yours—and we’re here to prepare you to rise up and meet it.

Through every phase of your journey, with every workout class, we will challenge you to enhance the way you expand your potential. This philosophy is not confined within the walls of the BKBX training center. We will also offer premiere access to outdoor excursions and expeditions designed to put your capabilities to the ultimate test. Learn more here.