An Adventurous Fitness Experience


At BKBX, we're bringing together fitness, recovery, and technology in a new training methodology inspired by adventure.

Develop agility, stamina, and strength. Optimize power output and cognitive input.

Use data and technology to share experiences and advance your collective potential.

Increase efficiency, accelerate progress, and maximize your abilities.

Embrace exploration, push your boundaries, and travel beyond.

Dynamic + Data Driven

Our signature 60-minute studio classes offer a high intensity workout featuring cutting-edge wearable technology that tracks your performance and progress.

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Train smarter. Recover better.

Our state-of-the-art recovery studio is equipped with tools and services to enhance the effects of your workout.

Test your limits

Ready to challenge yourself? Intensify your workout with our monkey space and 92-foot long bouldering wall - each designed to test your limits, while helping you apply skills, refine technique, solve problems and defy gravity.

About BKBX


“Gone are the days when bragging about how many consecutive training sessions you’ve notched was proof of your Spartan-level dedication to fitness. Smart athletes know that...”

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“And it’s not like any other Brooklyn Boulders experience—it’s a whole new training concept called BKBX and it’s jam-packed with exciting new ways to use your gym time to prep for your outdoor adventures.”

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“Urban rock climbing space Brooklyn Boulders (with locations in New York, Chicago, and Boston) is set to open a high-end adventure training facility called BKBX in Allston, MA, in 2019. It'll include cryotherapy, muscle therapy treatments, and an infrared sauna.”

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“BKBX, a new fitness center from the founders of Brooklyn Boulders, isn’t simply meant to be a gym where you bust out a few bicep curls and head home. “We train people for adventure, but we also make fitness adventurous..."”

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“As a brand, Brooklyn Boulders has always been quick to embrace concepts not historically coupled with climbing gyms.”

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